4 Factors To Consider Before Eating Foie Gras

You might know about foie gras, the artificially fatted liver of duck that is severed as a pâté. If you are thinking about adding foie gras to your meal, then you need to consider some factors. If you know some foie gras retailers, you can ask them too. In the following article, there are four issues that everyone needs to consider including this ingredient in the diet.

High-Fat Content – Foie Gras is popularly known for its creamy and smooth taste which comes from high-fat content. It happens because the goose liver has an excessive percent of fat. That’s why one ounce of foie gras contains nearly 12 grams of fat.

Food Poisoning Potential -When you are thinking of adding foie gras to your meal, you have to know that some versions of foie gras could cause food poisoning. It happens because some versions are served unsealed or cold, so they can be affected by bacterial growth. So, make sure you always go for the cooked one.

Expensive -One of the most essential issues, you should consider before is the high price rate of foie gras. This item can’t be a budget-friendly food for many people. However, if you think you can afford foie gras, grab some from your favorite retailer.

Risk of Disease – Foie gras tastes good, but those having medical conditions should consult the doctor before taking it because it has a high-fat content. People having atherosclerosis, Huntingdon’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and type-2 diabetes should avoid eating it.