FUFU Foldable Children's Bicycles,12 Inches 14 Inches 3 Colors with Stabilizers Mudguards and Brackets - BASV1WYS8

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  • Advantages: Strong physical strength, large bearing capacity that guarantees safe driving, suitable for long-distance driving.

  • Increase Confidence: Comfortable clothing means more control and stability and should help your baby develop balance and coordination skills.

  • ●High quality carbon steel material, safe triangular structure design.

  • ●Non-slip handlebars and pedals, comfortable and adjustable saddles and suitable angles can maximize stability and safety.

  • ●Equipped with easy-to-control training wheels and brakes to help beginners learn balance and riding pleasure.

  • This high quality bike is an ideal companion for your life and provides your family with a high level of entertainment and mobility.

    Note: This model comes with the best packaging to provide protection in transit.
    The design of the bicycletakes into account the style. The details are unique to this bike. All combinations of these features make up a cool bike. Don't forget that bright colors will definitely make your child taste better.

    ★About us:
    With this bike, the children will be impressed.
    We believe that cycling is the first step in children's freedom and independence.
    As parents, we know what is important for a good bike: quality, functionality, safety, design and high value retention.
    That's why we produce lightweight and beautiful children's bicycles.

    ★ Emphasize:
    detachable support wheels, including
    Very stable steel frame with deep and impact resistant multilayer coating
    Balanced auxiliary wheels, enhanced gravity, in line with national safety standards
    ISO sealed bottom bracket with square and alloy bearings
    German certified non-toxic safety fixture
    Child-friendly brake lever for comfortable adjustment

    ★Supply range:
    Pre-assembled 9 5%, final assembly takes at least 25 minutes
    Detailed graphical assembly instructions and instructions for use, including. Includes tools!

    How do you choose the right bike for your child?

    ● Children 12 inches, height 33" - 41", age 2-4 years old.
    ● Children 14 inches, height 37" - 45", age 3-5 years old.

    ★You can find the right brackets and other accessories in our store.
    If you have any questions about the assembly or product, please feel free to contact customer service.

    ★As an expert in the main vehicle, we know exactly what is important detail. Believe in our innovation and proven quality.

    FUFU Foldable Children's Bicycles,12 Inches 14 Inches 3 Colors with Stabilizers Mudguards and Brackets - BASV1WYS8